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How many sources are needed for a dissertation?

At the moment, there is no clear number of sources that must be reflected in the list of references for acceptance of the work. The scientist hired at Free Essay Writers can use any amount of material that will be enough for him to carry out scientific research. Most often, the number of sources in the bibliography is regulated by the pages in the dissertation. So, for a Ph.D. thesis, 150 scientific sources are needed.

Can I use my own articles?

At the moment, a scientist can include his own publications in the list of references of the dissertation, but on condition that the articles were published in scientific journals.

The dissertation involves the processing and analysis of the results of author's research, which is why it is allowed to include in the list of references previously published scientific papers relating to the problem chosen for scientific work.

Bibliography formula

The biography in the dissertation is drawn up according to established standards which you can web site. The name of the source is a sentence in which the following information is written in turn:

  1. Information about the authors of the work.

  2. Full title of the book.

  3. Information about the book and the publisher in which it was released: release period, city of publication, year of release, information about the availability of applications, number of pages.

Rules for working with the list of references

Any scientific work requires reliance on a biography. Dissertations to order from specialized authors of exchange! The list of references must be processed according to the following rules:

  1. Sources that are used to provide information in scientific work should be described exclusively according to the rules of methodology.

  2. It is necessary to quote a scientific work only with the exact indication of the page and the name of the author who wrote this work.

  3. Sources should be used appropriately and have a logical relationship with the problem that is stated in the dissertation. It is better not to use materials that do not have a selected issue or a related topic



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